Master Baboon The sea of the simulation


Who are you?

Ex-mathematician, ex-computational neuroscientist, at the moment I write scientific software for Enthought in Cambridge, UK. My language of choice is Python, although in the blog you'll find some Actionscript 3 and javascript code, too.

What is this blog about?

This is your regular notes-dumping blog, a.k.a. write-only blog. Recurrent topics are artificial intelligence, artificial life, and games, but I reserve the rights to write about whatever.

Why Master Baboon?

That's a long story, involving an improvised song under the shower loosely based on The Lion King. Buy me a drink, and I'll tell you.

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  1. hi i wanna your help if you want ? im a phd student and i willl devlop my bot so id you can replay to me

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